2/3 of the world's population does not know who Jesus is. Our goal is to share His story and His love with everyone.


The Beginning

The love story begins with God. God created the heavens and the earth. He spoke everything into existence. He spoke to create light and separated it from the darkness to create night and day. He spoke and separated the waters to create the sky and the seas and then spoke again to create land, plants, and animals of all kinds. Genesis 1:1-25

Adam and Eve

The first humans God created were Adam and Eve. Unlike everything else that God created, Adam and Eve were created in His own image and God cherished them the most. He placed them in the Garden of Eden and gave them the job of taking care of the garden and looking after all the animals He created for them to enjoy. Everything was perfect during this time. They had a great relationship with God and lived happily in the garden without any pain, sickness, or suffering which is exactly how God intended it to be.Genesis 1:26-31

The Lie

The only rule God had for Adam and Eve was to not eat the fruit from a specific tree. God knew that if they ate the tree’s fruit, they would start thinking they knew everything and would stop trusting Him. He warned it would not only hurt the wonderful relationship they had, but it would also introduce death to humanity, and therefore kill them. Satan, God’s enemy, knew this and came to Adam and Eve disguised as a snake. He deceived them into thinking that God didn’t love them and was holding out on them by not allowing them to eat the fruit from that tree. Adam and Eve questioned God’s instruction, and despite God’s warning, they chose to eat the fruit. Genesis 2:7 - Genesis 3:13



Once Adam and Eve chose to disobey, sin (rebellion against God) entered their hearts and ruined the relationship they had with God. They began to question God’s motives and felt ashamed and afraid which they had never felt prior to this. God still loved them and didn’t want them to have to live forever with these consequences so He made clothes for them to cover their shame and sent them out of the garden. Although they did not know this at the time, God had already devised a master plan to win them back and to make the world perfect again. Genesis 3:14-24, Isaiah 25:8


Pain, toil, and strife were the consequences of sin and continued to be passed down from generation to generation as mankind grew further away from God. People pushed God away and gave in to their sinful desires and the brokenness that you see in around world today is the result of it. Violence, greed, and lust are a few of the immediate consequences of sin but ultimate consequence is death; not just physical death, but an eternal separation from a loving God. Isaiah 59:2,Romans 3:10,19


Jesus, Hope of the World

In the midst of our rebellion and wickedness, God came to earth as a human in the person of Jesus Christ. Unlike the rest of us, Jesus’ birth was miraculous because his mother was a Virgin. During his life on earth He fulfilled the prophecies of prophetic scriptures, healed people from all kinds of sicknesses, taught the value of having an intimate relationship with God, performed miracles to prove His claims about Himself and to validate His teachings, and lived His entire life without sin, in perfect obedience to God. John 1:1-17

He Made A Way

You see, God loved us far too much to just stand by and watch us face an imminent eternal death. In an ultimate display of grace and mercy, He willingly subjected himself to persecution and torture despite his innocence. By shedding his blood on the cross and undergoing the spiritual death that you and I deserved, Jesus became our substitute and took our punishment upon himself. Galations 1:4,2 Corinthians 5:21,John 3:16-17,


Jesus came back to life three days later. He defeated sin and death and returned to heaven. His life and death were sufficient to ransom all who believe in Him. That’s right, we are rescued by faith alone.
1 Peter 3:18,1 Corinthians 15:57,Romans 8:1-4,Ephesians 2:1-10,

So what now?

Now that we have successfully shared God’s love and truth with YOU, we want to continue to share it with the rest of the world! This summer we will be partnering with Cell Church Missions Network (CCMN) on a short-term mission trip to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth. Jessica will be going to Nepal and Arnold will be going to the Philippines. We invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us to make this trip happen! You can support us by keeping us in prayer and/or by supporting us financially. Below you will find our individual prayer requests and an option to support us financially through Paypal. We thank you in advance for your love and support!
To prepare for this trip, Jessica needs to raise a total of $2669 and Arnold needs to raise a total of $2153. These totals cover the cost of travel, lodging, training, food, and local supplies. (All donations are tax deductible!)

Arnold Chang


Please Pray For...

  • My ability to speak and share God's love to the Filipinos.
  • Safety - against any spiritual or physical (sweat) attacks.
  • Miracles! I would love to see a miracle happen in the Philippines!
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Jessica Kung


Please Pray For...

  • God to use me to share His love and truth to the Nepalese.
  • Protection against physical and emotional spiritual attacks.
  • Team unity despite cultural differences and language barriers.
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